Coming full speed ahead in June 2018

What did I do ?

  • Scripting the camera, controls and character in a bike game.
  • Writing the concept and being responsible of the project's vision ever since.
  • Gained lots of experience on UE4 (Engine modification, C++, advanced Blueprint features)

Made with Nicolas Pankowiak, Florent Viellescazes, Lucas Bernard, Victor Depardieu, Paul Rouillard, Léo Berret.

Aichi Emperors Zero

  • Japan-infused beat'em all on bikes...
  • ...with a couch-coop twist.
  • I was in charge of gameplay design, scripting and creative vision.

Two players embody old biker gang members battling to death to repel the young hooligans who have  invaded their city. Once committed to this last stand, only comradeship can help them triumph.